Philippines also Muslim inbound, serious about halal corresponding

Cooking training meeting aimed to respond to Muslim tourists, etc. Philippines is also serious about Muslim inbound, to halal correspondence. There are similarities in the Philippines and Thailand. Philippine Department of Tourism has launched a attract strategy of the Muslim (Muslim) tourists in earnest. Last year in the first quarter (0 to month) at the beginning was halal (what was allowed in the precepts of Islam) certification program, Grant the certification for the first time Hotels and hospitals recently. Year 000 million US dollars (about 00 billion yen) is also referred to as Aim the halal market uptake of Southeast Asia. Such as the date the business world is told. The ministry and the National Muslim Filipinos Committee (NCMF) is the day, the National Capital Region [Berjaya Makati Hotel] [Marriott Hotel], Cebu [Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan], It was granted Halal certification to the eaves, such as the Mindanao region [Southern Philippines Medical Center.