The method of meals and hospitality of Muslims

Cooking training meeting aimed to respond to Muslim tourists, etc. In recent years, Thailand and Malaysia, the visitors to Japan from Southeast Asia, such as Singapore has been increasing. Southeast Asia is mostly Muslim travelers because it is the Islamic world. There is a solemn rules for beginning life in general a meal is to Muslims, we are living on the basis of it. It is not that most change in travel destination. Or should I respond to how the occasion to welcome the customers of Muslims, here let's look at the basic rules of the diet. Muslims and the The [Muslims] in the sense that [person who devotion to God] in Arabic, is the Muslim. The Muslim holy book the Qur'an (Koran) has a variety of code of conduct is revelation. For example, although women there is a habit of winding the cloth that hijab so as not to show the hair and skin to men outside the family, this is due to the teachings of God that do not expose the beautiful part of women. In addition, the time of worship to do every day, but rinse the face and limbs touching the outside air, what is unclean, and performs in order to exorcise the evil, also to respect the cleanliness has been a feature of Islam you.