Japan eateries to put the Muslims following

Cooking training meeting aimed to respond to Muslim tourists, etc. Japan eateries to put the Muslims below! Real of Japan Muslim Association listen to the director "hospitality powerhouse" Japan Visit foreign number of 2.0 years was reached to 000 million people in the past fastest speed to date. Tourists coming to Japan in search of delicious [food] is Among the foreign visitors also that not a few. However, there on the other hand the [food] is people who have given up a trip to Japan to reason. That's the [Muslim]. This time, to better understand unfamiliar food situation of Muslims in the Japanese society, I heard the talk about [over the Muslim and food problem] to Mr. H Mr. E of Japan Muslim Association Board of Directors. E Mr. Mr. told the fact of surprise that [not less than the Muslims put the Japanese restaurant is] in an interview. What are the problems in the background of the words? Japan seen from the Muslim Over over: today is thank you. E said: You know, I originally'm a place to serve tea to you, to the Islam I do not drink we also tea in the month of fasting called Ramadan from yesterday, I Nde determined that it issued to the customer, whether one there your understanding.