Cooking training meeting aimed to respond to Muslim tourists, etc. Halal Halal (Arabic: حلال) refers to items that were permitted by Islamic law. Briefly refers to the ingredients and dishes that have been allowed to eat on the Islamic law. And translate into Japanese, and the sense that [thing (permission) that may be not done even doing]. It should be noted that, in Japan, it is also often written as [halal]. On the contrary, al-Haram things that are prohibited to be in the mouth (Arabic: حرام) and say, this word is the same etymology as the harem in the sense that [those that should not be done (prohibited)]. Although Under the Islamic law that eating pork is forbidden, a certain etiquette is required with respect to processing and cooking also in other food. Food this manners is compliance are Halal. Incidentally, there is a concept of questionable Shubuha intermediate the Halal and Haram. Shubuha food is and to avoid eating as much as possible. table of contents Overview Rules for meat Rule relates to a beverage Drug problem Basis Halal in Islam out of range .