The Muslims are what you eat in Japan!?

Cooking training meeting aimed to respond to Muslim tourists, etc. The Muslims are what you eat in Japan!? The Islam focuses on the fact that there taboo food (contraindications) are, to report whether the invitees of the Muslims is what kind of meal in Japan. What? Is the halal and the haram me that Muslims can not eat? The Islamic law there is a concept of [Halal] and [haram]. The halal [lawful, the allowed] in Arabic is a sense that the al-Haram in the sense that [what is prohibited]. Anything that pig and alcohol are mixed are the al-Haram, Muslims declined to intake. Do not drink sake do not eat pork I do not only that! Some foods currently on the market, which contain ingredients or alcohols derived from pigs. Although the individual's judgment is a difference, components should be avoided just in case are as follows. Component swine pork pork extract lard should be avoided Alcohol alcohol ethanol alcoholic Sake Mirin whiskey liqueur cooking wine wine There is a need to check for the following components in addition to this.